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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I have the party outside?

During the Summer months (June, July, August) we recommend hosting parties indoors, or under a covered patio. Direct sun and extreme heat are very uncomfortable for the kids In case of rain or high winds you should always have a backup plan to bring the party indoors.


Are the experiments safe?

YES - All experiments are safe, non-toxic, using harmless household products. Science Kids' solutions will not stain or damage clothing.


Are the experiments messy?

NO - We have the procedures down to a science (no pun intended) whether indoors or outdoors! We bring tables, trays and disposables so your home will remain as spotless when we leave as when we came.


How many kids can participate in a party?


The PROTON party is for parties with up to 25 children max. It combines some cool hands-on lab experiments with a terrific science presentation. Your child will play the featured assistant in the show.


How many kids can attend a school show?


Our ATOM Programs are for large-capacity events, like schols and camps. It combines the most visually exciting scientific experiments for a safe, fun-filled learning experience!

From cool chemistry to funny physics, the ATOM rewards kid's with science stunts designed to keep them thinking long after the show’s over.


How much space do I need for a party?

About 12 x 12 square feet. Roughly the average size of a Family or Living room with access to an electrical outlet.


How will I know if my event is booked?

You will receive a confirmation email the same day you book online. In addition, we will send you email and text reminders before the event, to give you the peace of mind of knowing your event is under control.

We keep you informed (and worry-free) from start to finish!


Do I need to provide anything, e.g. tables?

We bring everything we need for the children to perform the science experiments. --- All we need is access to an electrical outlet and maybe a trash bin for disposables.


How much notice do you need for a party?

We book up quickly, especially on weekends, so please try to book or check date availability for your party as early as possible.


What is the best age group for a science party?

Children 4 to 12 are our most popular ages.

All shows are age-appropriate - We always adjust shows to fit the age group and need of the children. Children under the age of 4 are too young for our science party, as they will not be able to conduct the experiments by themselves.